Travel Medicine Tips

Travel Medicine Tips Abroad

Travel Medicine Tips – Before Your Trip

  • Seek a consultation with a Pivot Travel Medicine specialist, ideally 4 to 6 weeks prior to your travel.
  • Ask the Pivot Travel Medicine specialist about recommended immunizations for your specific destinations.
  • Prepare a first aid and medical kit containing necessary medication for the trip and keep with you on your carry-on luggage. Your Pivot Travel Medicine specialist can assist you with this.
  • Consider evacuation and travel insurance to cover health emergencies while abroad.
Travel Medicine Tips

Travel Medicine Trips – During Your Trip

  • Take precautions against insect bites and take medications for malaria prevention¬†as advised by your Pivot Travel Medicine specialist.
  • Practice good road safety by wearing seat belts in cars, helmets on bikes, and avoid unnecessary night time driving.
  • Abstain from or practice safe sex with condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Take necessary food and water precautions. Bring a supply of medicine for self-treatment of diarrhea. Your Pivot Travel Medicine specialist can make recommendations.
  • Minimize excessive sun exposure and use sunscreen. The sun can be more intense over water, in snow, and at high altitudes.
  • Leave animals alone to reduce your risk of being bitten and to reduce your potential exposure to rabies. Seek medical care if you are bitten.

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